What’s this all about??

I created this blog because as a single parent and mother I know life can be tough it can be hard it can knock you down then kick you while you’re trying to get back up. So many single moms end up just wading through life without really experiencing hope, happiness, success or really just things they wish they could do. They think because they are a mom or a working single mom that they can’t experience life or can’t want certain things or to see certain places. I was that way too once! I figured I’m a single mother why bother I’ll just work two jobs and be lucky to retire before I die. Now I am single mother , a soon-to-be divorcee and I can see my life clearer now that what I ever have!! Tune in next week where I begin to really pull back the layers of ME!!

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Nutrition for Dummies

There’s no simple way to say that: nutrition for most people is just down right confusing! A tbsp of this a cup of that, don’t eat this, what was good last year is now deadly…WTF?! So now you’re so frustrated you don’t know which way is up or how to eat right for what you NEED and most importantly, what you can afford.

In this short video I talk about key ways to eat well on a budget, best practices and tips on shopping to make this “diet” thing a little more manageable.

Don’t be intimidated by your food, it’s only fuel and now you know how to use it!

You will never succeed unless…

You push yourself to be BETTER!!

Sure, you can be okay or good at something but what separates the great from the “just okay” is the willingness to do better.

I have had to remind myself of this time and time again because I would get a comfy zone and get stuck doing the same things over and over not even attempting to challenge myself. In this video, I was doing a barbell tipup with 45 lbs. However, after speaking with some women in my field who are also involved in physique competitions they reminded me it was time to lift like a BEAST and here’s the results:

This was 135 lbs on my 4th set and man did I feel like I was gonna die! But in the long run I know it’s going to better me which is what keeps me motivated to keep pushing so I can get to that next level!

What’s your next level?

Jump Challenge

In light of all the absolutely fabulous challenges that have surfaced lately – bottle flip challenge, invisible box challenge etc. I have decided to come up with my own challenge. Why? Because I wanted to start something that was short, simple, challenging AND will burn a crap ton of calories!!

This challenge is approximately 5 minutes long and while initially it seems easy, you will find after only a minute or 2 that it’s not gonna be a cup of tea! Try the challenge if you dare, then challenge a friend! Have fun AND get fit!

You’re My Angel

I’ve heard that time and time again…”You’re My Angel”

One thing that I can say is that one of my favorite places to work was at the nursing home, in activities, and seeing all the smiling faxes of the residents. I was the person who made sure they had fun things to do all day, kept them entertained and kept them moving!

Now, with the You’re My Angel program I will be again! Only this time I will be going just for YOUR loved one doing the things with them THEY love in a way they are capable of doing it! As a past staff member I saw firsthand how residents couldn’t always make it to fun exercise activities because of being stuck in bed and not having the staffing to get them up in time. You don’t have the ability to get to your family member and keep them up and active but I DO!!

I will go to any nursing home within a 35 minute drive, go right into their room and will take music, games, resistance bands and anything else your loved one enjoys in order to keep their mind and body active as well as give them their own angel so they know someone has time for them, cares about their well being and is always watching over them.

To find more info, visit my website where you can learn more as well as call or email to talk about your loved one’s needs!

Top Workouts: The Skinny

Ok so I think it’s safe to say that there are SEVERAL workout programs available in the market. Of course you’ll have people who swear up and down by one type of program but in all honesty, most programs, have ups and downs and while some can be great for many there are also many that can be great for only some. So now, I’m going to go through some programs that have been hot on the market, what they do and the pros and cons of each. To start off, I’m going to talk about Piyo. Now, i have done this program but for the sake of objectivity, I’m going to stick with reviews:

1) Piyo – hosted by Chalene Johnson. She does an array of Pilates and yoga inspired movements but makes them into several fluid and dynamic moments to great music. Generally workouts range from 15 minutes up to 45 minutes and vary in difficulty.

This workout is great for beginners, is low impact, and helps increase flexibility. Another upside is that she doesnt use equipment only body weight so the only thing you’ll need is to purchase a yoga mat.

The only negatives found by topworkoutreviews.com is that she transitions very fast making it hard to keep up at times and that a lot of the workouts placed too much time on the right side of the body making it unbalanced. All in all though, Piyo has very positive results for women (there weren’t any reviews from men).

Next up, Body Beast…

2) Body Beast – exactly as it sounds. You spend 90 days lifting some serious weights with trainer Sagi Kalev who is not only a champion body builder but also a trainer in the competition world. Now, this program includes a workout plan, nutrition plan and supplements which is reported, as of the date of this review, to be the first system to include these. One thing to remember with this program is that it is focused on building muscle therefore one can expect, that if they’re following the program, they may not see the scale go down. Some of the great things about this program include: effective programming, mostly short workouts, no BS approach with training and his “let’s go” attitude.

Downside is: you will need A LOT of extra equipment for this program because it is focused on weight gain so you need heavy weights, a bench, barbell, etc. This can be costly. You will also be eating a very high calorie diet but if you can get over that initially, the muscle mass will be of great benefit. Lastly, there is very little cardio. Only once a week generally for around 10 minutes. Again though, still a great program for some, if you dont mind the weight gain and expenses for equipment and supplements.

Next up, and another huge program, 21 Day Fix

3) 21 Day Fix – because you can do a 21 day program for 21 days or you can do it for several weeks or months until you are are at your goal. This program uses the bases of portion control with great exercise routines.

Now, according to topworkoutreviews, this is not for the beginner, it is for people who like variety and enjoy a change in routine. They also suggest it’s not for those who go on leisurely walks or runs. Now I can’t say personally as I’ve never done it but I would imagine that if you pace yourself and work your way up you’ll be fine.

Now they did go on to say that the workouts are in fact efficient, the portion control is great, meal plans are wonderful and the modified moves are helpful, so that’s definitely a plus for someone needing portion control.

The cons are simply that it’s very demanding and requires complete devotion, is a short term choice (which most people looking to lose weight want something longer term), and that between the food and the workouts you feel as though you’re denying yourself.

And of course, I had to save the best for last…TMNT Fitness online personal training

4) TMNT Fitness – stands for Train Mean Now for Tomorrow. When it was created, it was done so on the pretense that you have to work hard in order to see the results in the future. You can’t give 50% and expect to get 100% results. The plans here are outlined in such a way that allow for those of any age and fitness level to participate because each program starts with simple and fun movements and builds to harder more difficult moments. Each one comes with a meal plan designed by nutritionists and dieticians for the exact goal the client is looking for. They will have access to a trainer 24/7 So if they need assistance it’s available to them. They don’t need to buy a bunch of equipment they can simply go to a gym and pay $10/mth then use the training app to get their workout AND nutrition plan. Routines are fun and vary from weight training to cardio to MMA and boxing inspired workouts so they are never bored. The upside to this is it costs less than any program listed above, has no equipment costs, workouts are fun and include tutorials for proper movement and they have accountability tied into their program.

Downside? It’s online so they won’t have the benefit of having the trainer right in front of them.

The thing to remember is that not everything is for everyone. They key is to find what’s right for YOU and stick with it!! If you ever want know more about online training, visit the website for more helpful info!

That’s today’s skinny on popular workouts, please join me next week for the Fitness Prescription!

Chase away the cold and flu blues!

Who absolutely HATES winter? Not just because it can drop to below 0 in no time flat, can crap snow on our heads and make going to get the mail a daunting task, but also because it brings the cold and flu bug! That’s right, fever, chills, hot flashes, headaches…. you basically feel like you’re dying for SEVERAL weeks!!

Unfortunately, my family has fallen victim to this bug but because I prefer natural remedies, I’m going to share with you safe ways to keep these bugs at bay with little to no medicine!:

1) stay hydrated – there’s nothing worse than your body trying to heal itself while dehydrated. Also, dehydration can worsen fever so keep yourself and your loved ones hydrated with things such as cool water, juice (I gave my kiddos juicy juice), sports drinks. Normally I don’t condone sports drinks but usually when you’re sick you don’t eat so the extra calories, carbs, etc will not hurt.

2) Eat fruits and veggies rich in vitamin c – I stocked up with pineapple, watermelon and kiwi and already had oranges. These fruits are not only rich in vitamin c which helps fight colds but they also have a high water content

3) warm baths – my kids love baths and taking a warm bath actually helps the body’s temperature especially when you have a fever. It doesn’t have to be scolding hot but warm enough to sit and be comfy for at least 10-15 minutes at minimum.

4) Sleep – yes, your body heals and repairs during sleep so the more you can sleep the better. Whether cold or flu, your body will heal faster the more sleep you can get

5) no buffets – your body needs to save as much energy as possible in order to fight the cold or flu bug. The heavier you eat, the more energy your body must expend that won’t be used for healing. Remember the saying: “feed a cold, starve a fever”?

6) drink some cider – Apple cider vinegar that is! Not everyone can stomach this and most kids won’t, but you can miss apple cider vinegar, water and honey in a little medicine cup and drink warm for added bug-boosting.

Lastly, don’t stress! Yea, you or the kids may be sick, or even both, but all in all you’ve got some great ways you minimize impact and using these methods I only had to give two of my kids cold medicine once a day (first thing in the morning) and one of my kids I never needed to as just these were enough to keep it at bay and reduce it upon waking up in the morning.

Hope this helps and to anyone experiencing the bug, get well soon!!