What’s this all about??

I created this blog because as a single parent and mother I know life can be tough it can be hard it can knock you down then kick you while you’re trying to get back up. So many single moms end up just wading through life without really experiencing hope, happiness, success or really just things they wish they could do. They think because they are a mom or a working single mom that they can’t experience life or can’t want certain things or to see certain places. I was that way too once! I figured I’m a single mother why bother I’ll just work two jobs and be lucky to retire before I die. Now I am single mother , a soon-to-be divorcee and I can see my life clearer now that what I ever have!! Tune in next week where I begin to really pull back the layers of ME!!

Its Monday Again!

Man what’s up with that?

This Monday thing keeps happening!

You know what that means: back to the grind!

Monday is for restarting and making something, anything, better than it was yesterday!

It’s an opportunity, people!

Take it and run…and not to the liquor store!

Happy Monday!!

I had a dream…

And turned it into a reality!!

The difference between a dream and a goal is: action. I could’ve kept dreaming about being happy or active or fit or even running my own business…

But I chose to make a reality!


By taking action!!

I didn’t make excuses or just close my eyes and think, “oh, that would be great!” I did something about it!!

That’s truly the key to any success. You can start off with a dream, after all that’s how the airplane came about – but had action never been taken we’d never be where we are today. Dream it, then use SMART to make it happen!!

Specific – what is it you want?

Measurable – how can you measure your success as it pertains to your goals?

Attainable – is it possible? (Obviously you can’t lose 100 pounds in a week or be a 6 figure business executive with no high school diploma…. you get the point)

Relevant – is it something you really want something you know you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve?

Time-bound – give yourself a time limit and hold yourself accountable! Hell get others to hold you accountable too!!

Use this for any goal and watch your dreams turn to reality!

Have fitness dreams, you’d like to turn into goals? Get SMART, today!!

All about the back

Dont ya hate when put on a bra or close-fitting top and have that awful back fat?

Or men, when you have on a tank top and the back rolls try to come out and join the party?

Here’s a great way to help tone that terrible problem area. Check out: flatten your back flab for two great exercises to tone to your back girdle!!

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Every mini-skirt requires it…

That’s right ladies!

Leg day is required for every type of mini-skirt, daisy dukes and bikinis!

Your legs are the largest most powerful muscle group in your body! They stabilize you, carry you down the street and well, without them you’d look like gumby.

Did I mention, you burn WAY more calories when you work your legs?

So if you burn triple the calories lifting heavy weights, then add to that lifting heavy on leg day…

You have a recipe for total sexiness!!

Never skip leg day!!

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Even if you dont think you’re ready, do it anyway…

I have been doing this crazy ass strength and endurance training since the middle of May. Originally it was because I was trying to prepare to train for mixed martial arts (and I still plan to) but now it’s also to see how far I can push myself.

Now, originally when i started, i could only do 5 rounds of warm up and 3 rounds of everything else – and even that took me close to two hours. It was so hard and so challenging on every single muscle in my body that I was having to take several breaks.

It is now August and today, for the first time, I was able to finish 5 sets of EVERY circuit in a little over 45 minutes!!

I wasn’t sure if I was ready to bump up my sets especially after taking a day of strength and endurance off last week but I said to hell with it and did it anyway!!

Sometimes you just have to make yourself do something no matter how badly you really don’t want to! Even on only 4 hours of sleep I still managed to kill this workout and I want you to do the same!

Push hard every day, no matter what! It’s what you choose to do that will get you where you want to go! Choose change, you can’t ever regret bettering yourself but you’ll always regret what you didn’t do!


These photos represent someone who has been through hell and back. Someone who has struggled, experienced pain, loss and disappointment.

Many times I wanted to give up. I had the narrow mindset that if I tried I wouldn’t see any type of push back.

Truth be told, one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn is that when you’re truly making an effort to reach a goal, if you aren’t struggling, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Even today I am struggling with dealing with the difficulty of getting back into the dating scene but realize that if it was easy, I wouldn’t be happy so I push on.

In the gym, I’ve had several fails just attempting to up my weights but the fact that i’m trying and failing shows i’m making the attempt and that if I keep working hard eventually that weight I failed to lift will eventually be lifted with ease.

There will always be struggles but how we deal with them is what defines us.

Leg day in the books!

Leg day complete and I managed to bang out 5 PRs today!!

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7 Ways to Trick Your Metabolism!!

So you’ve been having a hard time figuring out how in the hell to get your metabolism to work faster than snail’s pace.

In this video, I’ve listed some great ways to get your metabolism going using 7 easy tricks some of which you may already be familiar with.

Remember: It’s not all about drastic change but lifelong, sustainable change. You dont have to implement all 7 at once, instead try 1 or two and work up from there!

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No regrets

In a world where people are so desperate to be liked and accepted, we often tend not to take chances for fear of rejection or failure. We stay at jobs we don’t like because they are “safe”.

Stay with the same person for years not because they make us happy but because we’re comfortable and don’t want to be alone regardless of how unhappy we are.

We don’t approach people because we’re afraid they’ll reject or shame us for showing interest.

In the end, you will only regret what you didn’t do. The chances you didn’t take.

Ask yourself: at what point does the outcome outweigh the risk?