What’s this all about??

I created this blog because as a single parent and mother I know life can be tough it can be hard it can knock you down then kick you while you’re trying to get back up. So many single moms end up just wading through life without really experiencing hope, happiness, success or really just things they wish they could do. They think because they are a mom or a working single mom that they can’t experience life or can’t want certain things or to see certain places. I was that way too once! I figured I’m a single mother why bother I’ll just work two jobs and be lucky to retire before I die. Now I am single mother , a soon-to-be divorcee and I can see my life clearer now that what I ever have!! Tune in next week where I begin to really pull back the layers of ME!!

Super excited to share this AMAZING announcement!!

Recently, I’ve been blessed to be able to start a business venture along side my fitness business. Words cannot express how honored and blessed I am as only a small amount of people do this with success. Now, I’m not going to announce just what this business venture is just that I’m blessed to have the opportunity.

Why the post then?

Well, because, with starting this new venture it’s going to require some extra time on my part which means I won’t be able to be as active in the fitness side as I’d like to be (working more on it than in it). However, I don’t want you to miss out and the great opportunity to change your life by becoming a healthier, happier you so I have figured out how to make it work for EVERYONE! Check this out!

I’m so over the moon not just for me but for the people I know this will help!

I never picture myself as a runner…

I have been into sports since I was a kid. Even being homeschooled my mom still found a way for my brother and I to be involved. In elementary/middle school we were involved with a homeschoolers program where we could run, throw and do jumping events much like a mini-olympics. I was always number one in softball throw as well as the 50 yard dash. Came in 2nd or 3rd for long jump and even got 1st place in hurdles once.

In high school, I swam, played tennis, played a year of basketball and was a thrower on the track and field team. Even doing all those, I hated running. We ran around the school. We ran around the track. Hell some days I said f*ck them and I walked. Now I will say, my first year in track and field I found out (the hard way) that I had exercise induced asthma but once I had an inhaler I still hated running. When they did running or they were busting their asses doing bleachers…yup…i was walking gingerly around the track. Had I known then what I know now, I could have been a much better thrower. Problem was: I was already the best overall female thrower on the team so I didnt care. Probably didn’t help that I was overweight but no excuse even still.

Fast forward and after several failed attempts at weight loss I finally got to where I wanted to be. It wasn’t until summer 2017 that I tried my hand at running. Yup. Still hated it. But I stuck with it and started off slow. At first only around a mile and a half and that was a 30 minute struggle. Then 2 miles then 3 then 3.5 to the point where I could run non-stop even on the most graded hills. My two-mile run went from being over 20 minutes to being 16 minutes (as of today) and I finally told myself, “I’m a runner.” For the longest time I told myself I wasn’t because it was my way of just skating through my two miles without really trying. Today though, I realized that without hard work I can’t be the best version of myself. So before I set out for my run I chose a great song that would keep me motivated (‘LL Cool J- shut em down) and ran my heart out. Then Break ya Neck by Busta Rhymes came on so I kept running. The final stretch I put on There’s No Easy Way out (from Rocky IV)and told myself I would be home before the song was over…

As usual, when I got to the end of my alley and as I got into my usual sprint I found my legs were so sore that ask was sprinting I was groaning because my legs hurt so bad. When I made it to my driveway – normally I pace to cool down – today I was so worn out I had to resist just falling over lol but when I looked at my phone is read 1 minute walking (from stopping to change songs) and 16 minutes running!! 16 minutes! That’s an 8-minute mile WITH hills and uneven ground. Not on a track or a treadmill! It was then that I told myself, “I AM a runner!”

Don’t let something that seems hard stop you from reaching above and beyond what you think you can do. Just do it!

Giving back has many forms

People tend to think there’s only one way to give back: money.

There are really so many ways to give back, right in your community!

You can donate blood and/or plasma, volunteer with local programs, volunteer at your local church, volunteer at a local shelter, or of course, donate to a cause of choice.

It all depends on what you feel in your heart. Me personally, I donate plasma, donate blood, as well as donate to Childrens miracle network. My mom and I also started a charity called Sherman C Cunningham Foundation so be sure to be on the lookout for that as we’ll be opening up donations to give scholarships to inner city youth.

This foundation was started after my my father passed away who was a very known and well respected member of the community. He put his all into the children of the community and wanted nothing more than to get the kids off on the right foot by providing guidance whenever he could. We are continuing this legacy by offering college scholarships to hard-working youth and plan to eventually expand to helping another important cause to him and to us: The Boys and girls club.

Take this time to give back in your community!

Never fear, TMNT Fitness is here!

Ok so we ran into a little snag during this week’s Subscribe to a New You challenge…

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What does that mean for you?

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One more day!!

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Last concert in elementary school

So it dawned on me yesterday that my oldest, as he was not smiling for the camera, was about to play his last concert in elementary school.

His 4th grade year he was able to start playing on the chorus and he chose a share drum after we’d found a great deal on a new one and he hadn’t chosen an instrument yet. His 1st year he had only one concert in the spring which he did absolutely amazing I was so proud of him because he practiced everyday and was a natural at reading notes, playing tempo and keeping beat despite distractions.

This year, being his second year, he had two concerts, one in fall and one in spring. His fall concert he cracked me up because he said he didn’t know what to wear and like an idiot I let him wear jeans and a nice shirt…everyone else had on slacks and button ups – that was the last time I asked lol all in all though he did very well, kept beat and kept his wits about him. Afterward he told me incredibly nervous he was!

Yesterday, he was all dressed up and ready for his final elementary school concert as next year this kid will be in 6th grade so off to middle school! Again, he did amazing playing the symbols and his drum and even though he could here his little sister calling him from the audience (I had to repeatedly tell her to listen and that he knew she was there) he still held concentration and didn’t miss a beat. When he was done he said how much fun it was and that he didn’t know if he would ever not be nervous to play in front of people!

I look at him and think how far he has come and all the trials and tribulations we have been through together just in the first 5-6 years of his life. It was me and him and yes I dated but no one that stuck. He’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly and I know he loves me for me and does his best to be the best son, brother, and person he can be. I see how many kids at the school look up to him and make it a point to say hi to him and talk to him and I can only hope that as he transitions to middle school that he will not change who he is the the wonderful person he has become.

I love these kids to the moon and back and can’t wait to see what they do as they continue to grow and learn.

3 More Days!!

That’s right, only 3 more days until we announce our next 30 day winner! We are so excited to be starting 30 day FREE TRIALS to our winners as we know this will be the kick start many need to start their climb to a better them!

Fitness isn’t just about being skinny or sexy or looking good in a swimsuit (only partially ๐Ÿ˜‰). It’s also about feeling confident in your own skin, being healthy, having the energy to play with your kids and go out with friends and also to put your best foot forward every single day!

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Incredibly Awesome, Frantic Exciting @ home workout – No gym needed

Hey guys! So this morning I got up and realized it was pouring out. Okay cool. Except one thing…

I was scheduled to run and the last time I ran in the rain I ended up with the sniffles…so much for that idea!

So what did I do? I didn’t stay on bed that’s for sure! Not only did I get up, throw on my sassy leggings and ball cap but I did a 20 minute circuit in my basement.

That’s not all!!

I recorded it, so you’re next rainy day you can do it with me and still have time to shower and go on that hot date!

Here is the Incredibly Awesome, dramatic exciting @ home workout – No gym!

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Ready to get whipped into shape?

๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ชTrying to get in shape but think you can’t get your pre- baby body back? Or maybe you’ve been overweight and have lost all hope…

Great news, it’s POSSIBLE!

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Father’s day is coming!!

We know there are some people who wait until the last minute to buy father’s day gifts. Not just from procrastination but also from life happening and just being so busy, by the time they realized what day it was, it was, it was the day of father’s day! Now, rushing to the store because it’s too late to buy anything online, they are forced to buy a lousy tie, lame card or settle for a, “All that matters is that I love you dad” speech. Let’s be honest, no one wants to do that!

Get ahead of the game now by visiting our amazon store and showing dad how much you care!

We don’t need to remind you that Father’s day is June 17, do we?