What’s this all about??

I created this blog because as a single parent and mother I know life can be tough it can be hard it can knock you down then kick you while you’re trying to get back up. So many single moms end up just wading through life without really experiencing hope, happiness, success or really just things they wish they could do. They think because they are a mom or a working single mom that they can’t experience life or can’t want certain things or to see certain places. I was that way too once! I figured I’m a single mother why bother I’ll just work two jobs and be lucky to retire before I die. Now I am single mother , a soon-to-be divorcee and I can see my life clearer now that what I ever have!! Tune in next week where I begin to really pull back the layers of ME!!

TMNT Fitness РLIVE! [Replay] Average vs Excellent 


So, I was talking to a friend yesterday who told me they really wanted to meditate but said their head was just too busy. They also mentioned this to another friend of theirs, prior to talking to me and was informed on how meditation really works.

That made me realize that there are probably a lot of people who feel meditation goes like this:

You cross your legs, sit up straight, say a few “ohms ” and think about nothing…


Meditation is just the opposite! You use meditation to focus your thoughts and to help yourself figure out all the clutter!! Before I started meditating, I was all over the place,  mentally and always felt like I was being pulled 100 different ways. Once I started to meditate, I was able to focus on my thoughts, allowing me to come up rough resolutions, most of the time while I was still meditating. 

Clarity. That is one MAJOR benefit of the process and I highly suggest trying it out. Check out this  morning meditation to start your day on the right foot!!

TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay] hard CORE…

What is the one exercise the average American turns to when they are trying to tone their core?


Sit ups or crunches 

They will do tons of them with the expectation that this will fix all their problems. These exercises are ok but they don’t work your ENTIRE core. This exercise only works one muscle: rectus abdominis; you have several muscles in your core and they include several muscles in your back, abdomen AND your upper legs. Not only this, but even with these crunches they won’t give you chiseled abs if you aren’t eating right. 

So, as you can imagine, JUST doing 1000 crunches isn’t going to give you that core you want. Not only do you need to eat right, you also need to train your body as efficiently as you can. You do this by training tour body in all planes of motion in several different positions (hey, get your mind out of the gutter!) 
With that being said, I have put together a 5:00 core workout which is sure to leave you exhausted and feeling good!!

Unce Upon a Time…

This is how all good fairy tales start, right?

What about other stories though?

As in, the stories we tell ourselves…

From a young age it is instilled in us that for some reason or another we aren’t capable of achieving our goals.

Maybe our parents worked hard or May be they were never around and so we told ourselves stories that in order to get ahead you had to work hard all your life or that you couldn’t be great because no one else in your family was. Maybe your story is that you had a hard life so it’s always destined to be this way. You’ve talked yourself into staying stagnant because you’ve created a story on your head that you have to because that’s what’s normal or that’s what’s expected.

It’s easy to tell ourselves, “once upon a time…” and then go into our little dream world like it’s ok. We’re hard wired to do that in order to keep ourselves from being hurt. I’ve got news for you though: that once upon a time only works in the movies that was written and directed by someone who planned on that outcome there was no other outcome.  YOU MAKE YOUR OWN STORY BY LIVING AND DOING. NO ONE CAN DO IT BUT YOU. 

Stop telling that story. Rip out the pages, burn them, grab or MAC or PC and start thinking up a better outcome for the story of YOUR life!!

TMNT Fitness – LIVE [Replay] with a special guest…

Good morning! 

Well almost afternoon now but you get the picture!

So today on TMNT Fitness – LIVE not only did we talk Average vs Excellent we talked meal prep and even had 2 recipes! One of which is my own and another was given by my Guest speaker. 

I got some awesome feedback from that so I plan to have more guest speakers in the future!! Check out this week’s meal prep episode!!

TMNT Fitness РLIVE [Replay] 

Average vs Excellent is the theme for the week so to go along with that, today I’m talking average Joe vs athlete…

By that I mean, most people these days feel as though since they aren’t an athlete that they can just whatever they want to reach their goal. 

Here’s the thing: if you look at some of your favorite athletes, yes they are very active but they still eat right. If anyone remembers the show,  MTV Cribs, a majority of the athletes on there would loads of what in their fridge? WATER!! Not Gatorade, not Redbull and not Monster. 

So what in the hell makes you think you can lose weight or gain muscle mass by sucking down two Gatorades while you’re at the gym then drinking 3 Monster drinks throughout the day?? 

You have to imagine you are an athlete. You have to change your habits from being average to being EXCELLENT!!!

Drink you water throughout the day, take it to the gym, stop putting needles calories into your body that will only turn to fat anyway!! 

Now I’m getting carried away lol here watch Today’s episode before I have a coronary!! 

TMNT Fitness – LIVE [Replay]

Average vs Excellent 

The difference is in YOUR choices. 

What do you do when you wake up?

How do you function throughout the day?

How do you treat other people?

Being excellent, doesn’t mean doing 5000 push ups a day or running a marathon. Nor does it mean you have to have a perfect diet everyday. It simply means that you get up not competing with the person in the car next to you on your daily commute, but you wake up in competition with yourself. 

You strive everyday to do better than yesterday. Whether it’s taking a few extra steps, holding a door or saying no when someone in the office offers you a donut. Excellence is making a constant effort to be YOUR PERSONAL BEST. 

So my question to you is this: How do you show up to your day? Watch the full episode here and follow my blog for daily motivation, tips, and good times!

Home is where your family is…

I want to move….

I hate this house….

I hate this area….

I can’t stand my neighbors, and they can’t stand me….

Sound familiar?

I’ve caught myself saying this time and time again. The more I’ve said it, the more unhappy I am and the more frustrated I get. Over time, through lots of soul searching and even more meditation, I’ve found that home is where the heart is. I’ve learned that appreciating what I have is just as important as working towards what I want.

So yes, I would like to live in a nicer area, in a house I want with the things I want it to have but for now I’m going to be content with where I’m at while working towards my ultimate goal. 

That being said, home is where my family is…

TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay] Fun-Swae Friday!!

TMNT Fitness – LIVE! 

Today is a day to relax and meditate first thing in the morning! Or if you are already off to work, you can do it in the evening before bed!
Meditation helps clear the mind, focus your thoughts and ease your worries. It is a good way to practice self care even if its only once a day for a few minutes…that few minutes could be the difference between you breathing through a problem later in the day or totally losing your shit!

Join me now for a guided meditation!

Accomplishing your health and fitness goals and YOUR ability to ACHIEVE ANYTHING…

So many times I talk to people about reaching their health and fitness goals and when I ask them how it will change their life, they tell me it won’t!

I then have to sit and really get them to think about their goals and how reaching that goal, directly correlates with every other aspiration they have.

Think about it: you’ve had a certain health goal for YEEEAARRS….You also want to get married or start a business or even move. However, because you have failed for so many years at this one thing, you haven’t even bothered trying anything new because you don’t think it’s possible.

Now, imagine that you have finally achieved your health and fitness goals…

How much more likely are you to strive to reach other goals, now that you’ve finally reached this one? 

Need even more of an explanation? Hear my story and how I originally thought the same thing here then tell me your weight loss story and what you’ve achieved in a few, short sentences!!

3 Day Fat Burn challenge: Results

So here are my results after 3 days of busting my hump!:

I went from 163 lbs to 161 lbs
From body fat % of 21.9 to 20.3 (for a fat mass loss of 1.6%)

Lost 1.25″ (it was from my waist and thighs)

All this with no starving, not spending hours killing myself in the gym and eating REAL food!! 
This from someone who already works out!!
Imagine what it could do for someone who doesnt?!
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