What’s this all about??

I created this blog because as a single parent and mother I know life can be tough it can be hard it can knock you down then kick you while you’re trying to get back up. So many single moms end up just wading through life without really experiencing hope, happiness, success or really just things they wish they could do. They think because they are a mom or a working single mom that they can’t experience life or can’t want certain things or to see certain places. I was that way too once! I figured I’m a single mother why bother I’ll just work two jobs and be lucky to retire before I die. Now I am single mother , a soon-to-be divorcee and I can see my life clearer now that what I ever have!! Tune in next week where I begin to really pull back the layers of ME!!

Morning Joe: Meal Prep Wednesday

Remember when I said “work smarter, not harder”? Well this is one of the things I was talking about. Meal Prep (or the lack thereof) can make or break your day. If you have a weight goal, be it weight loss or weight gain, then you’re going to want yo watch Today’s episode and make sure you are incorporating a method of meal prep into your lifestyle. 

Morning Joe: Thirsty Tuesday

….”It gives you wiiiings!!!”….

Yea ok enough of that. So, I know that a lot of people do whatever they can to boost their energy levels and one of those ways is energy drinks, Red Bull is a top contender. Whether in the gym or on the go you nearly always someone sucking one down. If you’re one of these people, you may want to check out today’s episode of Morning Joe before sucking down another one!! 

Morning Joe: Warning! Warning! This is raw footage you may not be able to handle it…

Today’s topic is very simply: stop the bull shit. You can whine and cry all you want about what you want to do and goals you want to reach but the simple truth is this: unless you truly want it deep down from the depths of your very being, you’re not going to do it. Or you’ll half-ass it. I created a raw footage video on this belief,  however if you’re maling excuses, allowing fear and doubt to get in your way, or you’re just unmotivated, this video IS NOT for you…proceed with caution

Who says you stop after Reaching a goal??

That’s just it. You don’t. The only way to progress is to keep setting new goals for yourself. If you want to really see what you can do you set goals beyond your reach then you figure out how the f*ck to make them happen. No one is gonna do the work for you. No one is gonna carry you over the bridge and set your ass down on the other side. Nope. Sorry. No bueno. You want it? You own it. You work your ass off for it. Any questions?

Get your Morning Joe! 

Happy Friday and today is fun Friday where every Friday I make nutrition and fitness fun!! Today’s topic: fun facts about exercise! Why? Because let’s be real: sometimes we need to think of other reasons to exercise besides losing weight! There’s so many other benefits to exercise not to mention, ways to make it more fun!! Check out Morning Joe then like and share!!

I’m so Excited to Give Back to Moms!!

That’s right I’m giving back!! I want to hear from you! The single mom struggling to juggle work, kids, school and not pull your hair out!! The married, stay-at-home-mom who is tasked with taking care of the household while also maintaining her confidence, family life and love life! The working mom who is trying to date and in a serious relationship but barely had time for make up in the morning! I want to hear from all moms!! WHY?? Find out here!! Then message me with, “I’m a mom!!” 

Thursday’s Morning Joe!!

Be is sometimes a lost feeling. We get into ruts or into our daily routine and sometimes forget to be thankful for the little things. Maybe you don’t like where you’re at or want a different job or in an unhealthy relationship so you dwell on it and make yourself unhappy. Now is the time to remember what you do have that you can appreciate right now in this moment. At the same time, you can take action and change what it is that’s making you unhappy. If there’s something you want to change, type “yes” in the comments. Here’s what I’m thankful for!! 

First BS LIVE broadcast…

Decided to have a little fun on Facebook today.  What better way than to role play?! Talked to live viewers about their excuses then I pretended to be them feeding their own excuses back to them and getting them to take action!! Check it out, First BS live and if you have your own BS to resolve, PM me, “yes”. 

Get Your Morning Joe!!

Today’s topic is Eating Healthy on a Single Mom Budget!!

As mom’s we want to feed our kids right and give them the best. Then we get to the store and it seems like the “best” costs way more than what our budget will allow. 

Thus, I’ve created some tips to help get high quality food without breaking the bank and making it last longer!! 

Check out Eating healthy on a Budget then like and share!