7 weeks and counting!!

So I’m 7 weeks pregnant and I’m still not sure how I feel about being pregnant given my current circumstances. I want to be happy and excited in one hand but in the other hand I’m anxious, nervous and kind of upset. Being a single parent again when I wasn’t expecting to ever have to be is tough in itself but when it’s 4 that live at home it’s almost unfathomable. Yea I know I can do it but because I can do anything through the strength of the Father but I feel like I’ve already fought this war and I thought it was over. Now I’m suiting back up again and going to the front line praying I don’t drive myself crazy in an attempt to do right by all of my children. At the same time I know I want to be able to provide for them at any cost to not only love them unconditionally but to give them the things I never had and allow them to be able to experience things I never did. I have told people before that God only gives us what we can handle it that He gave them the job because He knew they were right person for it. Well I guess now I have to take my own advice and ask him to keep me strong, focused and dedicated because I know there’s only one me and I’m the person God knew was right for this job or He wouldn’t have assigned it to me…

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