Seafood cups with Breadsticks and Mashed Cauliflower

I had a lot of feedback on Facebook when I posted a picture of this meal from last week. You requested the recipe and here it is!!:

You will need:

Frozen Small shrimp (deveined, tail off, peeled)

Frozen Small scallops

White bread

Large can of chicken

One egg

Parmesan cheese

Mozzarella cheese

Dried sage 

Salt and pepper 

Garlic powder 

Italian seasoning
Preheat oven to 425. Start by sautéing shrimp for 2 minutes then adding scallops (watch closely as I suggest it fully cooking since they will also be in the oven). While you are sautéing toast 4 slices of white bread and run under water until wet, set in bowl and set aside. Add can of chicken, a dash of salt, 1 tsp pepper, 1 tsp sage, 2 tsp Italian seasoning, 2 tsp garlic powder and 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese to small mixing bowl. Ring out excess water from bread and break into pieces into medium bowl with other ingredients. Lastly, add shrimp and scallops and mix well. Once you’ve mixed well, spoon mixture into greased muffin pan giving each one a slightly rounded top. Place on middle rack for 10 minutes then shake Parmesan cheese on top and put back in oven for another 15 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to sit for 5 minutes then use teaspoon to carefully remove cups from muffin pan. Enjoy!!

Seafood cups- You will need a muffin pan with at least 12 portions. 
Breadsticks – I used frozen breadsticks found in the freezer aisle of your neighborhood grocer. I suggest putting them on a pan and waiting until seafood cups are nearly done to place in oven as they only take 8-10 minutes generally.

Mashed cauliflower – I used the pre-made birds eye cauliflower (fount at Walmart). You can also get fresh cauliflower, boil well, mash and season to taste). The ones pictured and bacon and garlic 

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