Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland!!

So if you’re like a lot of people, you think, “Why do I want to eat healthy, when it tastes bad or I’m going to starve?” Here’s the thing: just because you devote to eating healthier doesn’t mean you have to eat land food or that you have to starve yourself. As a fitness and nutrition enthusiast and soon-to-be professional I can’t stress enough how important it is that the food you eat be not only healthy but yummy and full of flavor too!!  How? Seasoning, herbs, spices there are so many ways to improve the flavor of your food and quality of it without going to an expensive restaurant or hiring a personal chef! Be creative and experiment with flavors and colors and you’ll see how easy it really is to create excellent healthy meals!! For instance, the meal I have posted is my breakfast and consisted of organic frosted wheat cereal w/ fat free milk, 1 cutie, a slice of wheat toast with almond butter and 8 oz organic berry juice. Healthy, filling, delicious AND I didn’t feel deprived of anything because my kids had the same meal and LOVED it!! 

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