I’m baaaack!!

So it occurred to me that I haven’t blogged in over two weeks!! Can you believe that?! With the holidays almost over and some of the craziness out of the way I wanted to take some time to remind you to cherish your loved ones and always make time for you even when you don’t feel there’s enough time. Taking care of you can be the hardest thing anyone can do especially when you factor in kids, family, work, school etc. Please don’t forget though that if you aren’t taking care of yourself then with all those tasks eventually your body will start to resist in many different way con lost sleep to headaches to aching muscles…and don’t forget the battle of the bulge!! Interesting fact: currently in the U.S. 1:3 adults are considered to be at least 30 pounds overweight while 1:5 youth suffer the same, being at least 30 pounds overweight. Considering the facts, where do you think you fall and how is it effecting your daily life?? Check out this link for what to expect in the upcoming year from me to you!!

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