“Diet” vs “Healthy diet”

Every tried to lose weight only to reach your goal or even exceed it and then gain it right back and then some? Tried once, twice, even a dozen times with the same result? In my video, “Diet” vs “Healthy diet” I discuss why you have these results and how to get the same results but actually maintain them. Don’t let these fad diets fool you, if it’s easy to get the weight off quickly,  then chances are it’s not going to last. The same can be said for diet pills, magic machines and other products that claim you can lose large amounts of weight in a short period of time…Don’t be fooled! Do your research 🙂 

Also, remember the hit series I did last summer regarding trolls? The ones who keep us from our goals and keep us stagnant? It’s coming back! Starring next Monday I’ll be doing one video a week on these pesky critters and how we can over come them!!

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