Level 1: Stabilization-endurance routine sample

For those of you wondering what I’m talking about when I mention things such as reactive or SAQ, here is one of my workouts that’s based on a proven model called the: Optimum Performance Model which builds on the body’s current physical abilities and slowly increases them to ensure a properly stabilized body as well as efficient movement patterns, better posture and ease of daily movement. 

Initially, I start with Self Myofascial Release, a form of massage used to release knots and loosen muscles. Followed up with static stretching is a great way to loosen muscles before and after a workout and speeds recovery.
On this particular day, I did 3 core workouts which focus on static stability and endurance which was plank, side plank and supine floor bridges which and try AWESOME for core strength and your butt!! I then followed with resistance exercises which still focus on stability but becuase they are body weight exercises I’m still working hard but learning to stabilize my own body weight before moving on to using weights.

I also did half an hour of cardio, which in the stabilization level, I am simply learning to maintain a steady HR which translates into cardiorespitory endurance making everyday tasks that involve quick movement over an extended period of time easier. 
Lastly I followed up with a repeat of my warmup which sped up my healing process and instead of not feeling that post-workout burn for another 2 days, it’s felt within 24 hours therefore I can push harder the next time I hit this routine in another days becuase the following day is and mother different workout to work different systems. 
This entire workout took roughly an hour but when done right and at the right speed, you still see amazing results which will prepare you to start strength training in Level 2: Max strength; Which I’ll share info on at a later date!!! Hope this was helpful!


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