Day 0: so not into this lol

So first and foremost, the picture you see is NOT from today. It was from yesterday because I knew I wouldn’t be able to workout for nearly a week. I did a challenging workout, stayed hydrated  as long as I could, ate late and today was the day. 

I was supposed to have my surgery at 1130… didn’t happen til after 1. The hospital was freezing, I was starving, thirsty and had a headache. Thanks to a long time friend of mine [You know who you are wink wink *Paul*] though -as well as some laughs with my mom – I was able to have some laughs so I wasn’t wound so tight before surgery. 

It went well,  took less time than they anticipated and I’m barely bleeding now because they didn’t have to do as much as they planned to. I woke up quickly, was able to eat and drink (crackers and soda) and was out in a hurry. Had any issue with my med but my mom helped me out got home and watched Moana with the kids. They are tucked in and now I’m in bed blogging lol 

My current situation: I don’t feel like laying down but my body is telling me to lay down and chill tf out. So I guess I’ll listen… I’ve finally trained myself to do more than lay around and actually be productive and now I’m forced to revert back to what I’ve been avoiding. One thing I can do though is keep on top of my nutrition. Can’t lift but I can damn sure eat right. That will put me where I need to be so when I’m ready to get back into it my body isn’t totally shocked. I guess this will be my true test: not truly reverting back to the old me even when the situation would make it so easy. Here’s to new beginnings!!

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