Why can’t I get motivated?

Sound familiar? You know exactly what you wanna do but you just can’t seem to muster up the drive to do it. I have found for me it’s been a number of reasons:

1) Complacency/I’ll do it tomorrow 

2) Fear of failure

3) What I may miss out on in the process

4) Not wanting to change normal activities (sleep schedule, missing shows, etc)

5) Trolls (yes, I said trolls)

Starting Wednesday, June 7, I am going to have a short video series once a week at 8pm LIVE, yes, LIVE on my Facebook page and will provide the info on my social media for anyone who misses it. Also, Monday, June 5, look for the Spring into Summer challenge which will be for 5 days. I’ll start each day with an exercise and nutrition goal and Monday we use them all!!! Record yourself and even your family doing these and post it to my Facebook page, There’s Only One YOU with Tina and at the end of the challenge I’ll pick a winner to receive a custom T-Shirt!! 

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