Now that we know what, WHY?

The only person stopping you from reaching your goals is YOU. That’s right, the person you look at in the mirror or in that selfie is the only one responsible for keeping you from your goals. As humans we have the power to make anything we want possible it just takes time and effort. What do we tend to do though? We make up a million and one excuses why we can’t because we’re too stuck in old ways to try. ‘Well this is how I’ve always been’, ‘My parents lived on a low income and so did everyone else in my family ‘, ‘I just don’t have the time ‘, ‘I can’t pay for that ‘… in every single one of those excuses and the million other excuses there’s an opposite statement, that with enough repetition, will get you EXACTLY what you want and then some. So why not you? Why not now? Why are you convincing yourself that whatever change you want in your life isn’t worth it? What is it that has you scared to move forward? Comment below!!

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