***WANTED*** 10 Moms!!


10 moms for my 6 month Hot Mama Challenge!

I was nearly 260 pounds at my heaviest. I felt awful about myself. Hated waking up in the morning, felt as though I was living a nightmare. I was upset and angry with myself, feeling depressed and hopeless. Not to mention I suffered from heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and problems with joint pain due to me being so over weight. I had no energy to play with my kids, no desire to have intercourse with my spouse or even be naked in front of him. As a child I looooved to swim and even having a pool I only swam may be twice a year if that. 

Two years and another child later(I have 3), I feel better than I ever have. I’m more confident, happy in the morning and all day, don’t ache anymore, my heel spurs and plantar fasciitis have corrected themselves with no need for medicines or surgeries. My sex drive is through the roof and I have tons of energy to play with my kids…yesterday we spent all day in the pool and might I add I’ve been in the pool more times this year then the entire last 6 summers combined!!!

After that great change I decided to help people who are like I once was because even though it’s a hard road it’s so worth it!!

If you have this mindset, this is for you:
Highly motivated
Tired of being sick and tired
Ready to change your mind and your body
Want to invest in your future with your family

Then stop asking, “Why me?” And start asking, “Why not me?!?!”

This is the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME!! Don’t pass it up because you’re scared but embrace it because on the other side is a HOT MAMA!!
To schedule a call: https://form.jotform.us/71857368684171

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