Day 7: change of plans but needed to be said…

Yes, today we were supposed to discuss tracking what you eat. However, through the day I had something weighing on me and with it being shared with you all, I chose to take day 7 in a different direction. Ultimately, our mental health is just as important as being physically healthy. After all, when you have a headache, what happens? When you are depressed what happens? When you feel alone what happens? The point is, how you feel in your head directly effects what happens physically. So don’t think that just because you may not be battling “illness” that you haven’t a care in the world. You aren’t promised a damn thing from minute to minute so appreciate what you have and if there is something you want them damn it you need to make it happen because no one else will. Life is what you make of it, not what happens by chance, luck or whatever else. You make your life happen.  

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