The struggle is real…

Being a single parent is tough: trying to find the time to do anything, having the energy when you do have the time and having the motivation when you have time and energy!! I was there before I totally get it and it’s hard work to evaluate the the time you have, get motivated to do something even if the energy isn’t totally there and what the kids? What will they do? Will they be ok? What if they need something? What will they think of me because of where I’m at now? What would they think of me a year from now if I got healthier and had more energy to play with them? 

Let’s be real, as parents, we care what our kids think even if we say we don’t!! We want to have our kids admire and aspire to be like us!! That’s the biggest compliment in the world!! Why not start now? Why not start here? Why not you? I wanna talk to you and find out your WHY!! Watch this video on what I’ve struggled with and know I want to help you through yours! Visit this link to get started, NOW!!:

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