Day 3 Mythbusters: I only need to do cardio to “lose weight”

Yea sure thing boss…. if you wanna be slim with chicken wings. Yea, you read that right, you can slim down and still have chicken wings. Why do you think people go from being overweight to being skinny but still have saggy butts, flapping arms and droopy bellies??? Part of it may me due to the length of time they’ve been overweight but most of it is simply this: YOU CAN’T EXPECT TO TONE A FUCKIN THING ON A TREADMILL. Yes, they are good for endurance and interval training but let’s face it, people losing weight need to tone AND burn fat. How? By including resistance as a cardio workout. Yes, you can do both at once only this way, you’re burning fat for longer, building muscle and increasing your metabolism which will burn more calories/fat!!! Here I’ve already gone on a long enough rant, watch Day 3 and you’ll see what I mean!!

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