Morning Joe: Monday Motivation  – Detour to Dreams 

You decided you were taking the family to Hersheypark so you pack everyone up, get in your car, muster up all the money you can (because Lord knows a day there costs an arm and a leg) and you head off!

Halfway there you see there’s road work (which you would’ve known had you checked the traffic report that flashed across your phone moments before leaving the house). Nonetheless, you’re now sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic due to an accident. 

Now everyone is starting to gripe because they want to go to Hersheypark and they’re tired of sitting in traffic. What do you do? Do you sit patiently and wait it out? Turn around and go back home? Or do do everything in your power to make it to the next off ramp and find another way to get to Hersheypark? 

What about dreams in your life? Do you treat those the same way? Here’s how I look at goals and dreams check it out!

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