Morning Joe: Embrace you 

So many times we get stuck on that perfect look or that perfect shape, size, color etc. We then begin to obsess over it and the more we obsess over it the further out of reach we realize it is and we become frustrated. Understand that you are beautifully and wonderfully made and that, yes, you will have a different shape, size, color or whatever the case may be, than the person next to you. Not only that, but the same thing you hate about yourself, someone else wishes they had!! I talked about stretch marks because they are one thing that no man or woman wants to see but when you’ve had 3 kids and allowed yourself to be overweight for over a decade then what else do you expect? Another thing that I obsessed over until recently, is my arms. I felt they should be smaller in size because I’m smaller. What I overlooked is that at one point my arms were over 16″; they are now just under 12″ so that’s 8″ total lost in my arms!! To boot they are muscular, toned and shapely and in the end, that’s what we all want is sexy, toned arms?! Don’t let, what you see as your imperfections, rule your thoughts, they are beautiful and no one can look like you!!


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