Without a doubt the worst four-letter ‘F’ word there is…it stops us from meeting new people, it stops us from asking out our crush, it stops us from doing what makes us happy…wait…IT STOPS US. Fear stops us. Think about every decision you’ve made in your life to make a major change. You were a little or even sometimes really scared, weren’t you? Choosing to marry your spouse, deciding to open your home to a pet, investing in that property…they are all HUGE decisions and you were ready to shit your pants we you decided to. But you did it anyway and now you’re happy as a mother fucker aren’t ya?! So why not push through the fears and reservations you have!! Ask that person out, put a down payment on that house or apartment you want, get a gym membership (and actually go)!! Stop being a scaredy cat and just fuckin do it!! Yea I get scared but that’s what keeps me going!!

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