Harrisburg Personal Trainer offers stretching tutorial: shoulders 

So you’ve busted your ass at the gym or in your basement, living room or wherever it is you get your sweat on. You worked the hell out of your shoulders and now you can barely move them so time to take a shower, right? Wrong! The worst thing you can do for yourself is NOT stretch!! I’m not going to get all technical on you because I know that doesn’t matter so I will just say this: stretching before and after a workout not only keeps your muscles loose but allows them to “breathe”, removing all the bad shit that builds up after a workout which, if left in there (by not stretching) would cause extreme soreness more than likely within 48-72 hours following your workout. What does that mean? It means by the time you’re ready to work those shoulders again they will be too sore to do anything. So take my advice butter cup, stretch before and after!! Here’s a tutorial to stretch your shoulders!!

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