I usually try to steer clear of this topic…

Yes, it is true, I absolutely positively, hate talking about the “L” word…


It makes me sick to my stomach. Not because I don’t want it but honestly because I’m so tired of thinking I’ve found it only to be proven wrong. Maybe because i wanted it so bad, in some instances, I tried to force it, I dunno. But I watched Simon talk about love and why it comes along and how and it really rang true to me and was kinda a slap in the face of why past relationships I’ve had didn’t work out. Both he and I did the exact opposite of this almost immediately. Did I notice? Yup, sure did. Did I think it would get better? Nope. I knew it wouldn’t get I still tried to force a square shape into the heart in the little, stupid, multi-colored ball. 

People make this mistake everyday in an attempt to find love only to have their heart shattered into a thousand pieces for one reason or another. My advice: wait. Dont force anything. If it’s gonna happen let it occur naturally or you’re gonna find it’ll bite you in the ass…

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