What’s your BIGGEST fear?

For some it’s fear of failure for others it’s people. Everyone is different in that we all have different things we are truly afraid of doing. What will set someone apart from the crowd though, is their ability to make themselves work through that fear and breakthrough a layer of their life that they couldn’t have done without being EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Most people will never experience success in the area they are most passionate about because fear of the unknown stops them from doing so. In some cases, it’s not even fear of the unknown, it’s fear of being judged, looked down upon or losing friends. The truth of it is: if people are really going to judge you for doing what makes you happy , or even try to stop you from doing what makes you happy, it’s because they are too afraid to do the same and don’t want to see you succeed in what they failed at. 

This is YOUR life, you only live it once. Don’t just float by in the waves 3 feet off the shore. Get your ass out there in the ocean where the water may be be rough at times but when you feel that ocean air against your skin, the sun on your face and the see the breath-taking sunset you can smile and say that all the struggle was worth it!!

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