I am so humbled…

Today I met with a client who, really, I should introduce as my friend who happens to be a client…

We have known each other for years, hell we got hired at the same company at the same time…

Over the past few years she’s seen me go through some shit and I’ve seen her go through some shit but one thing that remains true is that she was always and still, always does her best to do right by her family, to be the best mom, daughter, sister and friend, that she can be…

So when she came to me for help I was both honored and more than ready to help because I knew she deserved and after watching her these last few weeks, she’s continued to show me how badly she wants this for herself.  She pushes through every workout, she may swear at me but she does her best and her hard work is paying off!!!

I’m over the moon for you Alexis and I’m proud to call you my friend!!

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