TMNT Fitness – LIVE! (Replay)

This weekend, I went to see IT and last night I was thinking about how true this is in life. So many people get caught up in their fears that it consumes them and all but kills them, not literally but mentally and emotionally. They are so afraid of being successful that pennywise comes right in and devours their desire for change, rendering them unable to move or take action. He has them right where he wants them, afraid to move, afraid to be uncomfortable, afraid to make the change they need and want to make.

Don’t let him consume you. Don’t let him make your fear a reality. Don’t let him make you another victim of your fear.

Tell him you aren’t afraid to be uncomfortable, you aren’t afraid to put yourself in a little pain and you aren’t afraid to be FIRST AND LAST!! Watch today’s episode if you dare!!

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