TMNT Fitness – LIVE!! [Replay]

Meal Prep is a pain. I don’t wanna do it. It takes too much time. I don’t have time to make a bunch of meals….

Sound familiar?

If we take a look at meal prep and how much time we actually spend daily on prepping each meal, you will find that it takes less time to prep meals in one day than to have to do it several times a week. For my family of 5, if I spent every day cooking it would be 7 hours of time or more. However, because I do it all in one day, I only spend around 2-3 hours doing it which means I mow have an additional 4-5 hours freed up throughout the week.

That’s why, in today’s show, I did food prep pointers to make your life and your shopping easier! Check out today’s episode and get started!

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