TMNT Fitness – LIVE![Replay] Thirsty Tuesday 

Water, h20, hydration. Repeat. Water, h20, hydration. Repeat. Yes, even to me this gets old!! Lol So instead of talking shop today I decided to tall fun, healthy smoothies!!

Smoothies are becoming more and more popular because they are quick, easy and are very versatile when it comes to what you can put in them.

Some people may be purchase the pre-made smoothies where all you have to do is blend them, however, to ensure quality, I suggest making your own. One that I absolutely love is the chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie:

Base is 8oz unsweetened vanilla cashew/almond milk 

1/2c oats

2 tbsp ground flaxseed

1 medium banana

4 cubes of ice 

1 scoop Body Fortress chocolate peanut butter protein powder

2 tbsp peanut butter

Blend well and enjoy!!

For even more tips on smoothies, benefits and what you can put in them, check out the replay from yesterday’s episode of TMNT Fitness – LIVE!

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