Modern Fitness for a happier, healthier you!!

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! Where has this week gone?!

I’m back at my shenanigans again! Sharing fun photos and keeping YOU motivated!

I have found that one of my greatest struggles as a working mom was finding the time for ME. Not to be focused on work, kids, school or anything else, just ME. It seems simple but when you actually try to do it, you almost feel bad. Like you’ve somehow taken away from your family and responsibilities. The fact of the matter is: if you aren’t taking time for you and investing in yourself, how can you really bring your best YOU to take care of your responsibilities? You can’t!! You feel tired, unmotivated, your confidence suffers and you feel like you have no time for anything but kids, work and cooking!! That’s no quality of life!! I get it and that’s why I’ve created this cheat sheet to help you learn how to do all these things AND remain focused on your family. Ch check it out, here:

On the other hand, and this is for everyone struggling to get a hold of their lives and health, you’ve just had enough and just wanna know how!! How did she do it? She’s a single parent yet she’s progressing, working, and I just need to know when this comes from!! No worries! I’ve created something for you as well! Find out what led me to be overweight, barriers I had to face and how I just buckled down and did it!! Check it out here:


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