TMNT Fitness – LIVE!!

Happy Monday and welcome back to TMNT Fitness – LIVE! Today we’re talking motivation!!

So it’s Monday and most are dreading it but we should be welcoming it!! Monday is for fresh starts!! Think about it: what’s just one thing you did last week that you’d like to do different or BETTER this week?

Its never too late to start over and there’s never a wrong time to start.

I’ve had to start over lots of times in my life and while it was stressful, it was better than just settling for what I had, knowing I wasn’t happy with it. Instead, I took the huge leap to start anew be it job, relationship, education, it didn’t matter. If I wasnt happy I started over, in the pursuit of being a better happier me.

So now, remember that one thing I asked about? I want you to post in the comments below what that ONE thing is that you’ll do differently this week so you can commit to doing it!!

Also, check out my free Facebook group: TMNT Fitness – Mission to Change Mind and Body for even more content! 

This was the caption version, however, if you’re more into video, check out the replay here!

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