TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay]

TMNT Fitness – LIVE! Thirsty Tuesday and today’s topic is COFFEEEEE!!!

“Coffee is a language in itself” – Jackie Chan
Did you know:
-One serving of coffee contains 1.5g of fiber 
-Has been shown to decrease risk of cirrhosis of the liver by 22%

-Has been shown in studies to decrease risk of type 2 diabetes by  as much as 17%

-Also has been shown to reduce risk of heart disease by 12%

So there are benefits, you just have to, as with all things, have it in moderation and try these tips for flavor:
Try cinnamon, whole milk, organic and fresh coffee beans, and instead of cane sugar, try coconut sugar. 
Also, two things to look out for tomorrow: I’ll be doing a 24 hour documentation of my day on my IG tomorrow: tinalovelyday and we will also have a two part morning show tomorrow for meal prep Wednesday (1st part will air at 6am and second part at 9am).
Remember: Everything in moderation!! Here is the replay from this morning’s show!!

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