TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay] 

TMNT Fitness – LIVE!! “I’m too sexy for my shirt!!” Upper body blow out!! That’s right, today I’m going to take you through some upper body and a little fully body to get your upper body chiseled and toned!! Here’s what you’re gonna need:
A chair or stool 

Phone book or stair case
That’s it!!
You’re workout:
Bear crawls 3 x 20

Burpees 3 x 20

Hip switches 3 x :30

Dips/leg raises 3 x 20

Decline push ups 3 x 20 
Complete all 5 exercises then rest :90. 

Your goal is to only rest :30 In between each circuit
*note* for decline pushups, if you can’t elevate using a chair, you may use a phone book or stair. If this is still too challenging, do a standards pushup or modify it by doing the push up on your knees. Also, if you can’t do a full burpee, slow it down and put your hands down, put one foot back then the other foot back and reverse the steps to return to starting position.

Here is the video tutorial I strongly recommend watching BEFORE completing the above outlined workout for proper form and regressions. 
Afterward , don’t be a sissy! STRETCH WHEN YOU’RE DONE!!! 
Lastly, today I will be sharing a cubicle workout on my blog as well as doing a YouTube special which will be another workout (will only be on YouTube) so be sure to check out my blog, and my YouTube channel, @tmntfitness 
I’ll see ya later today and thanks for watching!! No worries, this will be uploaded to my free Facebook group “TMNT Fitness – Mission to Change Mind and Body” for you to reference at anytime!!

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