Cubicle workout!!

Sit in a cubicle 8 hours a day or longer? Tired of having no energy, feeling blah and being stiff at the end of the day?

Have no fear, the CUBICLE WORKOUT IS HERE!!!

This workout is quick and easy. There are several moves in here for strength as well as stretches in the event you are just feeling stiff. Even if you’re staring at a computer monitor and typing all day, this is for you! I’ve put a little of everything in this video so you can pick and choose what you need for that particular day. One day you might just wanna move and another day you might be having headaches and an achy neck. 

So stop complaining about your desk job and get active with this cubicle workout!!

2 thoughts on “Cubicle workout!!

  1. Chanequa aka Brooklyn

    Im like 232 or more pounds, im feel fatigue, lazy as hell, cant eat right cant sleep right clothes are just the ugliest fit my gut keeps getting bigger . Wtf!! I need help and i dont have kids yett. Need your help asap.

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