TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay]

TMNT Fitness – LIVE! Thirsty Tuesday: I ❤ Ginger!

My mom gave me some ginger tea with lemon the other day and it was heavenly so had to share today!! She got it in Philly from a Chinese food store but I would imagine they will have them here as well!!
While Ginger is said to have originally derived from Southern Asia, it is actually rarely wild grown nowadays
Is known for popular drinks such as ginger ale and ginger beer
 Has a very distinct and strong taste but also has some AMAZING benefits:

– Drinking ginger tea can help alleviate nausea 
– Can help relieve bloating (especially after overeating)

– Has anti-inflammatory properties so can assist with calming joint pain due to inflammation 

– Great for cold and flu season

– Because of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in ginger, it can improve circulation

– Drinking a cup of ginger tea while having a ginger-soaked towel on the abdomen or low back can help alleviate period pains 

– Helps strengthen immune system (antioxidants)

– Has calming properties so you can drink a cup before bed!

Watch this replay and follow me so you don’t miss my tips, tricks and hacks for improved health and wellness!!

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