TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay] Tone daaaaay!!!!

Gooood morning TMNT Fitness Warriors!! Welcome to Toneday! So last week was upper body blow out and I believe it’s only right to have a day dedicated to leaning out your legs!!
Today we’re going to do:
Side shuffles with squats  3 x :60

3 way lunges 3 x :60 (per leg)

Power step ups 3 x :60

Jog in place 3 x :60

Lateral crossovers 3 x :60

Sumo squat with hold and pulse 3 x :60

Lunge walks 3 x :60
This is going to be super challenging so do what you can and go from there. I’m going to use a box but if you don’t have one you may use a step or thick book.

Before doing this on your own, please watch the tutorial on my Facebook page to ensure proper form!!

Make sure to follow my blog and my Facebook page as I post different content on my social media!!

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