TMNT Fitness – LIVE!! Motivation Monday

TMNT Fitness – LIVE!! Motivation Monday 
Monday shouldn’t be stressful, it should be considered as exactly what it is: the beginning of a new week. The chance to start anew. 
That being said, I have found that self care is the BEST way to ensure I go into Monday with my best foot!
Here are two meditations i want you to try today, one is for the morning and one for evening. Both are led by Bart Milatz:
Morning meditation:
Evening meditation:
These have helped me to not only start off in a good mood but also to stay in a good mood as well as to go to bed with a clear mind and ready for the next day. I challenge you to do these everyday for the rest of the week and see how you feel!!
Speaking of challenges, I have a 3 Day Fat Burn Challenge I’ll be releasing very soon so be on the lookout for it!! 

Watch the full episode here and follow for even more content!

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