TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay] Thirsty Tuesday!!!

TMNT Fitness – LIVE! Thirsty Tuesday 
So many ways to enhance your water these days, but what’s the best way or ways to do it?
I know many people use any water enhancer they can find which is kinda ok but when you break them down, a lot of them have tons of sugar or preservatives which doesn’t make them any better than just drinking sugary juices.
I have compiled a list of better ways to enhance your water:




STUR drink enhancer 

Skinny Girl drink enhancer

Fruits obviously have sugar but they are naturally occurring sugars which is completely different than added sugar such as in sugary cereals or baked goods.
These enhancers do not have other sugars in them (will not say sugar but the first ingredient on other enhancers is another form of sugar – which is a WHOLE other topic in itself)
Another thing to consider when drinking water is what you’re doing throughout your day. Remember: if you’re working out, you should be drinking fluids before, during and after. If you find you weigh more after you workout then your actually had too much water and for every pound lost you need to drink 16 oz of water so if you drink 8oz of water during your workout and lose a pound, then your next workout you need to drink 16oz during your workout.
The key here: STAY HYDRATED!!
Today is day 2 of 3 of the 3 day fat burn challenge so looking forward to sharing my day with you!
Check out the full episode here and make sure to follow me on YouTube (TMNT Fitness) as well for exclusive YouTube content!

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