TMNT Fitness – LIVE [Replay] 

Average vs Excellent is the theme for the week so to go along with that, today I’m talking average Joe vs athlete…

By that I mean, most people these days feel as though since they aren’t an athlete that they can just whatever they want to reach their goal. 

Here’s the thing: if you look at some of your favorite athletes, yes they are very active but they still eat right. If anyone remembers the show,  MTV Cribs, a majority of the athletes on there would loads of what in their fridge? WATER!! Not Gatorade, not Redbull and not Monster. 

So what in the hell makes you think you can lose weight or gain muscle mass by sucking down two Gatorades while you’re at the gym then drinking 3 Monster drinks throughout the day?? 

You have to imagine you are an athlete. You have to change your habits from being average to being EXCELLENT!!!

Drink you water throughout the day, take it to the gym, stop putting needles calories into your body that will only turn to fat anyway!! 

Now I’m getting carried away lol here watch Today’s episode before I have a coronary!! 

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