Unce Upon a Time…

This is how all good fairy tales start, right?

What about other stories though?

As in, the stories we tell ourselves…

From a young age it is instilled in us that for some reason or another we aren’t capable of achieving our goals.

Maybe our parents worked hard or May be they were never around and so we told ourselves stories that in order to get ahead you had to work hard all your life or that you couldn’t be great because no one else in your family was. Maybe your story is that you had a hard life so it’s always destined to be this way. You’ve talked yourself into staying stagnant because you’ve created a story on your head that you have to because that’s what’s normal or that’s what’s expected.

It’s easy to tell ourselves, “once upon a time…” and then go into our little dream world like it’s ok. We’re hard wired to do that in order to keep ourselves from being hurt. I’ve got news for you though: that once upon a time only works in the movies that was written and directed by someone who planned on that outcome there was no other outcome.  YOU MAKE YOUR OWN STORY BY LIVING AND DOING. NO ONE CAN DO IT BUT YOU. 

Stop telling that story. Rip out the pages, burn them, grab or MAC or PC and start thinking up a better outcome for the story of YOUR life!!

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