TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay] 

This week’s theme: Surviving the holidays

Around this time people are stressed out, stretched out and plain old worn out. Why? Because they are pulling themselves in 100 different directions trying to prepare to impress family and friends with their amazing ability to throw a thanksgiving dinner…
Thus, today’s show, is rightly named: 9 Ways to Not Lose your Shit over the holidays:
1) double check your plans/list

Make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to prepare any foods or take a trip

2) where’s the party 

Nothing is worse than waiting until the day of to realize you have to drive twice as far than you think you did. Check the weather. Prepare accordingly!!

3) plan route accordingly 

Again, if you know you’re going somewhere, what route are you taking? Do you know how far it is? Do you have enough gas? Be prepared!

4) accept that some of your family members are crazy, annoying or flat out lazy (if you can’t think of anyone well then it might just be you ijs)

Do we need an explanation for this?


It’s not funny and it’s not cute. This is the best way to get on someone’s shit list. If you’re gonna be lazy, you’d be better off not taking anything…

6) for f*ck’s sake, control your kids

Nuff said…

7) plan for your pets 

Don’t leave Fido without planning what you’re going to utilize to ensure he’s good while you’re away

8) if you don’t like [fill in the blank] then…

Plain and simple: let someone know if you have a diet restriction. Be considerate and take something that everyone can enjoy that way no one thinks you’re a selfish prick. Just being honest.

9) and if all else fails…

If you got through all 8 and decided NOT to do any of them and now you’re in a bind… grab the nearest bottle of Jack Daniels 



See you tomorrow for suggested holiday drinks that WON’T totally ruin your diet and exercise regimen.

Watch 9 tips video, now!!

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