TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay]

Surviving the holidays 

Cookies, cakes, stuffing, stuffing, rolls, pies…

No one considers the beverages though. Often times we worry so much about what we eat, that we don’t even consider what we drink and that can have some very negative effects on results especially over the holidays. At one point, I drank 3 Vitamin Waters everyday which that alone was loads of sugar and calories and I didn’t even realize it. Now, factor in holidays, fun and football and most people don’t even realize how much they drink (non-alcoholic or otherwise).

I spent some time this morning discussing ways to enjoy your Thanksgiving, while enjoying your favorite beverages and not having it go straight back to your waist line…

Check out today’s episode of TMNT Fitness – LIVE! And follow me for even more tips on surviving the holidays!

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