TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay]

Hey welcome back to TMNT Fitness – LIVE! Getting back on track week!

One of the best ways to get back on track is by letting your water intake guide your eating habits.
Before eating breakfast, drink a cup of water so you have already got something in your stomach. Same goes for the rest of your meals. With it getting colder out now, you can also drink green tea with your meal as this will set off your “I’m full” trigger even earlier; green tea also helps boost metabolism and has antioxidants to help fight colds.
Also be sure you’re drinking water throughout the day. Carry it with and take several sips every hour as well as stay hydrated during workouts.
Drinking enough water will help keep you from over indulging even with goodies around.
Hey, don’t forget the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge starting on December 12!! Will only be $47 for another 24 hours. Whether you want to focus on weight loss or weight gain, this is for you!! Time to stop talking about what you want and make it happen!
Check out TMNT Fitness – LIVE! For today’s tips as well as info on the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge!!

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