TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay] Toning!!

Good morning i hope you’re ready for a TMNT Fitness exclusive fat-burning, calorie-killing workout!!
So, on Tuesday, I had the honor of spending time at Paxtang elementary school for career day. For which, I planned two workouts: one for K-3rd grades and the other for 4th/5th grades. Now, when I originally created these, they were only meant you be done by the children and for one 3 minute round each…
This is not how it went…
The kids in fact, did 3:00 rounds for each group but I ended up doing every. Single. Workout. There were several groups of children and by the end of career day, kids were flocking to my table so they could workout with me,  some even managed to come back for seconds lol
They had fun however I was exhausted after doing nearly 2 hours of these with little rest. So now, I bring the workout to you which I had the older kids do only you’re going to do them for 6-8 3:00 rounds with only sixty seconds rest in between (the goal is to get to 8 rounds with :15 rest). Each exercise is :30 and there are 6 exercises:
1) gorilla walks 

2) prisoner squats 

3) push ups

4) frog hops

5) sprints

6) burpees w/hop
You’ll also get regressions for each exercise so in the event the full version is too much, you can still participate.
Also, if you don’t subscribe to my YouTube channel TMNT Fitness, be sure to do so as I’ll be sharing another special work out later today [hint – it’s very engaging and fun for the younger kiddos]
Also, if you havent checked it out yet, head on over to for information on my 12 Days of Christmas Challenge starting on December 12! The early bird special is over but special pricing is still available and sign ups are open until December 10 @ 11am!!

Here’s today’s episode: Shred Fat!!

Also, if you need something a little lighter for younger bodies try out this toddler activity to keep your munchkin busy!!

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