TMNT Fitness – LIVE! [Replay] Why the long face?

Happy Friday and welcome to TMNT Fitness – LIVE!
I can’t stress enough, the importance of meditation especially in times of stress. If anything, the more stressed you are, all the more important for you to take some time to collect your thoughts. 
Meditation isn’t just for monks, it is for everyone. It helps organize your thoughts, give clarity and makes you more receptive to the things, people and places around you. Most people believe that you’re just supposed to sit and be empty-headed for an hour which is just not the case. It is the exact opposite: you do think but in a way that your mind is able to focus more clearly on your thoughts and help you come up with resolutions or alternatives to problems. 
Some days, I meditate 3 times a day, which I find makes me calmer, more focused and goals-driven. 
That being said, here’s the meditation I use in the morning to help start my day on a positive note. 

Here is the meditation I use in the morning.

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