TMNT Fitness – LIVE! Killer partnered workout!!

Time to find a partner and get ready to sweat! 

Happy Thursday morning, y’all!!

Time to tone with me!
So have you and your partner been considering working out together but maybe you’re just not sure how to go about doing it? You’ve seen couples working out at the gym but a lot of times they spend a lot of time actually separate from one another. You want to do something fun with your partner and still get a good workout, right?
 Awesome, we’re gonna talk about that right now!!

Here are a few things you and your partner can do together to get in a challenging workout:
Burpees with hand slaps 5 x 10
Sit ups with rotating punches 5 x 10

High knees w/partner squat 5 x 10

Partner alternating pushups w/descending reps (start with each person doing 10) x 5

Only 4 exercises but cycle through as a circuit with :60 rest for 5 rounds and it’s one hell of a calorie burn!! Be sure to follow methods to regress/progress exercises in this tutorial for your partnered workout!
Also, another way to get in a good couples workout AND lose weight/gain muscle for the holidays: challenge your significant other or friends to the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge/Get Swole Challenge starting on December 12!! What are you waiting for?! Check out the challenge on FB: @tmntfitness 
Don’t forget starting next week, TMNT Fitness – LIVE! will be airing on YouTube at 930pm!!

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