You’re My Angel

I’ve heard that time and time again…”You’re My Angel”

One thing that I can say is that one of my favorite places to work was at the nursing home, in activities, and seeing all the smiling faxes of the residents. I was the person who made sure they had fun things to do all day, kept them entertained and kept them moving!

Now, with the You’re My Angel program I will be again! Only this time I will be going just for YOUR loved one doing the things with them THEY love in a way they are capable of doing it! As a past staff member I saw firsthand how residents couldn’t always make it to fun exercise activities because of being stuck in bed and not having the staffing to get them up in time. You don’t have the ability to get to your family member and keep them up and active but I DO!!

I will go to any nursing home within a 35 minute drive, go right into their room and will take music, games, resistance bands and anything else your loved one enjoys in order to keep their mind and body active as well as give them their own angel so they know someone has time for them, cares about their well being and is always watching over them.

To find more info, visit my website where you can learn more as well as call or email to talk about your loved one’s needs!

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