You will never succeed unless…

You push yourself to be BETTER!!

Sure, you can be okay or good at something but what separates the great from the “just okay” is the willingness to do better.

I have had to remind myself of this time and time again because I would get a comfy zone and get stuck doing the same things over and over not even attempting to challenge myself. In this video, I was doing a barbell tipup with 45 lbs. However, after speaking with some women in my field who are also involved in physique competitions they reminded me it was time to lift like a BEAST and here’s the results:

This was 135 lbs on my 4th set and man did I feel like I was gonna die! But in the long run I know it’s going to better me which is what keeps me motivated to keep pushing so I can get to that next level!

What’s your next level?

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