Exercise is NOT everything…

Yes you read that right, exercise is NOT everything…

Let me clarify: You can not expect to be healthy just because you exercise nor can you expect to reach fitness goals just because you exercise. I’m going to explain why exercise can’t be a cure-all, the difference between exercising and exercising with a purpose and using exercise to complement other healthy choices.

1) Exercise is NOT a cure-all – People tend to think that going to a gym and hopping on a treadmill for 3 hours is somehow going to offset the fact that they eat fast food for 80% of their meals or that they only eat once a day and what they do eat is filled with fats, sugar and ingredients most doctors can’t even pronounce. Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t outexercise a bad diet”? Well it’s very much true! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional bodybuilder. If a bodybuilder were to give up fish, chicken, veggies and other body-fueling foods, their body would slowly break down, they would stop seeing physical gains and would feel like, for the lack of a better word, shit. Now, take an average person who isn’t a bodybuilder, doesn’t see a gym more than 4 times a week (if at all) and couple it with the bad diet I just spoke of and the only gains you will see, is in your waist line. If you expect to be fit and healthy, you MUST couple exercise with a balanced, healthy diet.

2) Exercising vs Exercising with a purpose – there are two problems with the first one, first, anyone can exercise and second, it can get boring, quick. Anyone can hop on a treadmill or learn a new dance or go lift weights for 2 hours. These same people tend to get bored because they go in thinking that’s all they are going to do. If you’re going to workout, what you do should have a purpose and a specific goal. Why are you in the gym lifting weights or on the treadmill? Did you already reach a goal? If you beat a goal, GREAT!! Don’t allow yourself to fall into the, “that’s it” trap because as soon as you do you’ll find yourself skipping days until you’re no longer going! The trick is, to make sure you have specific goals for why you’re at the gym so that you have something you are working towards besides just getting up and going to the gym or going to the gym after work.

3) Using exercise to complement other healthy choices – This is the most important. People think they can either eat healthy or exercise or meditate for hours on end and be overall healthy. It doesn’t work that way: we as humans, function on an emotional, physical and metabolic level. In other words our mind, body and all of our internal systems work in unison. When one is off they are all off. Try once going to the gym and eating well but then being negative about every single thing that happens…what happens? Or, try thinking positive, going to the gym, and eating fast food for every single meal that day…again, what happens? Or you can try eating healthy and thinking positive but sitting on your sofa all day long…what then? The point is, your body needs balance.

So you see, exercise is NOT everything it is simply the peanut butter to the jelly, the sprinkles to the ice cream, the side that closes the triangle. Include it with some whole wheat bread and preserves and you have a sandwich. Add it on top of hand dipped chocolate ice cream and a waffle cone and you have pure heaven (for the purposes of this blog, of course as I wouldn’t tell you to go get ice cream lol). Now, add it to your life’s triangle of proper diet and mental well being and you, my friend, have a complete triangle.

Thanks for reading!!

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