10 Things You Should Know About Your Fat Friend

Yes, I can say that!

As someone who was once very much overweight, I to this day, still consider myself a fat girl. Why? Because it doesn’t go away. Yea, I lost the weight but the urges, the desires and struggles will always be there. Some days will I feel like I’m fat? Yup, probably. Some days will I be sad and want to eat my feelings? Sure will! Will I want to eat a package of Oreos? Hell yea! The point is: being overweight isn’t what people think. And neither is losing it. So many of my friends would tell me “oh it’s easy” or “well you don’t have to worry about eating this”…WRONG!! I always have to worry!

So to clear the air, I decided to tell you some of the things you need to know if you have a fat friend or family member.

Is how I worded it politically correct? No probably not, but who cares, just watch the video and stop being so damn sensitive!!

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