Incredibly Awesome, Frantic Exciting @ home workout – No gym needed

Hey guys! So this morning I got up and realized it was pouring out. Okay cool. Except one thing…

I was scheduled to run and the last time I ran in the rain I ended up with the sniffles…so much for that idea!

So what did I do? I didn’t stay on bed that’s for sure! Not only did I get up, throw on my sassy leggings and ball cap but I did a 20 minute circuit in my basement.

That’s not all!!

I recorded it, so you’re next rainy day you can do it with me and still have time to shower and go on that hot date!

Here is the Incredibly Awesome, dramatic exciting @ home workout – No gym!

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Here is my YouTube channel and be sure if you don’t have a public subscription, that once you subscribe you comment on the latest video that you subscribed so I will see it and you can be entered!

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