Last concert in elementary school

So it dawned on me yesterday that my oldest, as he was not smiling for the camera, was about to play his last concert in elementary school.

His 4th grade year he was able to start playing on the chorus and he chose a share drum after we’d found a great deal on a new one and he hadn’t chosen an instrument yet. His 1st year he had only one concert in the spring which he did absolutely amazing I was so proud of him because he practiced everyday and was a natural at reading notes, playing tempo and keeping beat despite distractions.

This year, being his second year, he had two concerts, one in fall and one in spring. His fall concert he cracked me up because he said he didn’t know what to wear and like an idiot I let him wear jeans and a nice shirt…everyone else had on slacks and button ups – that was the last time I asked lol all in all though he did very well, kept beat and kept his wits about him. Afterward he told me incredibly nervous he was!

Yesterday, he was all dressed up and ready for his final elementary school concert as next year this kid will be in 6th grade so off to middle school! Again, he did amazing playing the symbols and his drum and even though he could here his little sister calling him from the audience (I had to repeatedly tell her to listen and that he knew she was there) he still held concentration and didn’t miss a beat. When he was done he said how much fun it was and that he didn’t know if he would ever not be nervous to play in front of people!

I look at him and think how far he has come and all the trials and tribulations we have been through together just in the first 5-6 years of his life. It was me and him and yes I dated but no one that stuck. He’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly and I know he loves me for me and does his best to be the best son, brother, and person he can be. I see how many kids at the school look up to him and make it a point to say hi to him and talk to him and I can only hope that as he transitions to middle school that he will not change who he is the the wonderful person he has become.

I love these kids to the moon and back and can’t wait to see what they do as they continue to grow and learn.

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