Giving back has many forms

People tend to think there’s only one way to give back: money.

There are really so many ways to give back, right in your community!

You can donate blood and/or plasma, volunteer with local programs, volunteer at your local church, volunteer at a local shelter, or of course, donate to a cause of choice.

It all depends on what you feel in your heart. Me personally, I donate plasma, donate blood, as well as donate to Childrens miracle network. My mom and I also started a charity called Sherman C Cunningham Foundation so be sure to be on the lookout for that as we’ll be opening up donations to give scholarships to inner city youth.

This foundation was started after my my father passed away who was a very known and well respected member of the community. He put his all into the children of the community and wanted nothing more than to get the kids off on the right foot by providing guidance whenever he could. We are continuing this legacy by offering college scholarships to hard-working youth and plan to eventually expand to helping another important cause to him and to us: The Boys and girls club.

Take this time to give back in your community!

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