Why pay ivy league prices?

You decide you want to get your Associates in Business. What’s your next step?

Start checking out schools.

You look at what seems like hundreds of schools ranging from Harvard, to Penn State to local colleges and everything in between and they all have one thing in common: expensive, expensive, expensive.

Do you really want to spend all that money to be on someone else’s watch, sit in someone else’s room, learning things you may or may not want to learn?


The same can be said for your health!

You decide you want to lose weight or even put on muscle, so you decide to check out every single gym in your area. Now these have a few things in common: expensive, trainers don’t pay attention, you’ve gotta be there in their schedule, that’s only one piece of the puzzle…oh and did I mention you’re still paying ivy league prices?


Watch this to see how you can avoid all the ivy league mumbo jumbo and get where you want to be on YOUR watch, wherever YOU feel comfortable!

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