Tired of undercooked, rubbery and flat out disgusting scallops?

Me too!!

So, several years back I went to a well known, Italian restaurant and ordered seafood pasta. It had crab, lobster and scallops in it. Sounded like the ticket so I ordered it!!

Bit into a piece of lobster. Delectable. A piece of crab. Succulent. A scallop. Aaand that’s where they lost me. They were mushy and icky and slimy and nope, couldn’t do it. I ended up picking them all out.

Years went by and I refused to touch another dish with scallops in it or even near it. Yet I had heard several people raving about them. Rubbish, all rubbish, no way in hell anyone could stomach that. Even after years of watching Chef Ramsey’s many protege screw them up, I never ate them.

Until one day, I thought to myself, “what if I learn how to make them? Then they won’t be fucked up!”

After several attempts, YouTube videos and Google, finally managed not only to make the perfect scallop but I created a video so you can too!!

Check out Making the PERFECT scallops! then try it out and make your own! Happy eating!

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